currently writing, working on data visualizations, and sometimes even making videos.

formerly an iOS developer at Instagram working on camera modes and at Facebook developing insights and community features for creators/fans.

latest from >playground: When Bots Go To Work

projects & personal work

An ongoing mini-blog for data visualizations, interactives, and other fun things. So far I've looked the colors of each frame in the trailers of two different documentaries about the Nxivm cult, compared the schedules of a Twitter bot and real users, and more!
skills: data visualization, data analysis, web scraping, APIs, web development, design
delve: history videos
Created (researched, wrote, edited) a video about "rainmakers" that tried to overcome nature at the turn of the 20th century (and how their legacy has lived on). Making videos has been one major focus of my current learning sabbatical, and more are in the works! I've always loved history and storytelling and will get sucked into hours of research about niche topics; now I'm using those strengths to create and tell stories that others can learn from.
skills: research, condensing large amounts of information into a story, script writing, graphic and motion design, audio editing, and lots of video editing (HitFilm Express currently; used Adobe Premiere in the past)
We created a spice kiosk that uses computer vision to recommend what college students should add to their food. Ideated, iterated, and built with a group for a design course.
primary role: front-end development, interface design
featured on: core77
I designed and prototyped an interactive wall for my undergraduate honors thesis. I ran experiments with my prototype, testing and understanding the specifics of the physical-control interactions through user trials. Presented at the 2017 Tangible and Embedded Interaction Conference (Student Design section) in Yokohama, Japan.
I created a web layout framework inspired by Masonry that allows web developers to add “tiles” to an auto-layout grid while providing specific positions to important tiles.
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other work
Placed 10th out of an original 7,600 writers in NYC Midnight’s 2020 100-word Microfiction Contest.

about & contact

I graduated with honors from Brown University in 2017, having been a design & front-end intern at Microsoft and a software intern at Facebook.

I then worked at Facebook and Instagram for 3 years as an iOS developer.

Now I’m taking a break from software to explore storytelling, political work, making videos, writing, and data visualization.

Contact me at if you want to get in touch!