currently writing, volunteering for voter registration, and making videos.

formerly an iOS developer at Instagram working on camera modes and at Facebook developing insights and community features for creators/fans.

projects & personal work

We created a spice kiosk that uses computer vision to recommend what college students should add to their food. Ideated, iterated, and built with a group for a design course.
primary role: front-end development, interface design
featured on: core77
I designed and prototyped an interactive wall for my undergraduate honors thesis. I ran experiments with my prototype, testing and understanding the specifics of the physical-control interactions through user trials. Presented at the 2017 Tangible and Embedded Interaction Conference (Student Design section) in Yokohama, Japan.
I created a web layout framework inspired by Masonry that allows web developers to add “tiles” to an auto-layout grid while providing specific positions to important tiles.
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other work
Placed 10th out of an original 7,600 writers in NYC Midnight’s 2020 100-word Microfiction Contest.

about & contact

I graduated with honors from Brown University in 2017, having been a design & front-end intern at Microsoft and a software intern at Facebook.

I then worked at Facebook and Instagram for 3 years as an iOS developer.

Now I’m taking a break from software to explore storytelling, political work, making videos, writing, and data visualization.

Contact me at if you want to get in touch!